We are very excited of the progress that we are making as a church.  This website is a major part of positioning ourselves for the future.  We continue to make significant strides forward and I remain optimistic about the future.

As I preached last Sunday, “In Spite Of” adversity and obstacles were are progressing.  I do appreciate all the prayers and support of all of our church family and friends.  The support by prayers are the key to Morgan still being with us.  We will continue to pray and bombard heaven with prayers as this is the key to all great successes.   Donnie Underwood


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2 Responses to “Progress”

  1. Pam Boyett Says:

    Thank You for you continued prayers for myself and my family. I KNOW the Victory is closer than it is far and the Praise goes to my Lord and the Glory is his alone! God Bless you…I have really enjoyed your webcast this evening… Your Sister in Christ… Pamela Boyett

  2. Thomas Lonidier Says:

    Thank you for your prayers, and for preaching the word of God to me! Sunday was a big turn around for me I buried everything once and for all! I just wanted to say thank you for preaching the truth! I love your family and I am praying for you all!!! God Bless…… Thomas Lonidier

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