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Celebrating 55 years

September 17, 2008

FPC of Arcadia is celebrating 55 years of Jesus name, Holy Ghost, Apostolic, power.  The church was founded after revival services by T.W. Barnes.  Bro. Barnes, literally went from door to door and preached and prayed people through to the baptism of the Holy Ghost on their porches, door steps, and front yards. This church and the power thereof did not begin in a closet but openly and publicly as God moved through this city.  It is openly and publicly that we celebrate 55 years.  The same God who reigned 55 years ago at our founding is gloriously reigning in might and power today.  Hebrews declares that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He is the Lord and he changes not.  Let’s declare it, live it, and believe it.  Rev. D.M. Underwood



August 7, 2008

We are very excited of the progress that we are making as a church.  This website is a major part of positioning ourselves for the future.  We continue to make significant strides forward and I remain optimistic about the future.

As I preached last Sunday, “In Spite Of” adversity and obstacles were are progressing.  I do appreciate all the prayers and support of all of our church family and friends.  The support by prayers are the key to Morgan still being with us.  We will continue to pray and bombard heaven with prayers as this is the key to all great successes.   Donnie Underwood