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Expansion Plans

May 15, 2010

Without question we (FPCA) are at a juncture in our history where we have to decide if we are ready and willing to take the steps to accomplish what God put in our hearts and numerous pastors hearts for Arcadia many years ago.  God continues to direct us and draw us to a place of faith and sacrifice to prepare us to go where we wants us to go and do what both He and we want to do .  This will require an immediate coordinated plan as a church and as church families to work and give to expand our facilities.

I believe our immediate growth will begin in our Sunday School Department and spread.  We have developed and have had plans drawn up to accomplish our goal of expansion.  We have divided the plan in 3 phases.

Phase 1 will be the remodeling and expansion of our restrooms to accomodate double our present capacity.  Also part of phase one will be moving some of our portable buildings and increasing our electricity capacity and some plumbing issues.  Also a part of phase 1 will be moving my office.

Phase 2 will be be adding approximately 2000 sq. ft. to our Sunday School Department to include 3 new Sunday School classrooms, a food pantry, and a new multipurpose youth building.  Also during this phase we will add a covered entrance for cars to drive under and drop people off.

Phase 3 will include the expansion of our auditorium on each side by 10 ft to the east and 10 ft. to the west.  This will increase our capacity nearly 100 with a maximum seating capacity of 275.  Also the platform will be expanded.

When Nehemiah rebuilt the walls it was done by divine provision by God as the “people had a mind to work.”  There will opposition whenever anything is done for God but the benefits and obedience to God far outweigh the sacrifice.  God will provide and we will work as a church to work and watch  as we take steps towards Gods promises.

I pray God’s blessings on you as we work and give to see it come to pass.

In Christ,

Donnie Underwood, Pastor



August 7, 2008

We are very excited of the progress that we are making as a church.  This website is a major part of positioning ourselves for the future.  We continue to make significant strides forward and I remain optimistic about the future.

As I preached last Sunday, “In Spite Of” adversity and obstacles were are progressing.  I do appreciate all the prayers and support of all of our church family and friends.  The support by prayers are the key to Morgan still being with us.  We will continue to pray and bombard heaven with prayers as this is the key to all great successes.   Donnie Underwood